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The Hidden Beauty of Sutton Place

October 15, 2017

When the hustle and bustle of some of New York’s most popular areas seem all too overwhelming, it might be the right time time to consider a different area of NYC: Sutton Place. This exclusive neighborhood, is known to be home to decade long residents, and has a reputation to be quaint and quiet, unlike The Big Apple’s infamous reputation.

Sutton Place, which runs from 53rd to 59th street, between 1st avenue and the east river, is a gem in and of itself, and is home to many legendary NYC spots. It’s odd for NYC residents to feel known, when they are a small fish in a big pond. However, for Sutton Place residents, they have the beauty of feeling like they matter, within what feels like, their small, incubated community. If you ever venture to this area, close your eyes, just for a minute, and you might feel like you’ve escaped the tough and tumble, concrete jungle.

What you’ll find in this area, ranges from historical spots, to new luxury buildings, and some fantastic shops and restaurants. This New York, hidden find, wont make you think twice about your move; this, I can bet. Here are some of the neighborhood highlights:

Just by walking around, one could easily tell that the buildings date back to New York’s earliest days. One of the many pre-war condominiums, in this “hood”, was once home to the iconic, Marilyn Monroe. You can walk by her former apartment, on 444 East 57th street, or stop by Sutton Place Park. Here, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of an unobstructed view of the east river, and perhaps even a sunset. The park has several benches, for patrons to admire the Queensboro Bridge and the gentle flowing water. The view does not disappoint.

If your heart melts for the Sutton neighborhood, you’ll be head over heels with the neighborhood’s new development Oriana. Perched on 420 East 54th Street, this luxury building has a whole host of amenities. New units are being released, for rent, each month. However, don’t let this gem get away from you. Its amenities range from, laundry service, a fitness center, a day spa, concierge, maid service, wine cellar, and a whole host of other treats you’ll be sure to enjoy. Stop by, for a complimentary tour and, I can bet, the last words to leave your lips will be: “Where do I sign?”

Just as cozy as the neighborhood itself, the eateries in this “hood” are simply charming. Resident locals commonly are seen at Bistro Vendome, featuring classic French cuisine. It is located in a tri-level townhouse, with outdoor courtyard seating.

Other restaurant hits range from places like Morso, La Villetta, and Felice 64. In the mood for some steak? Not a problem! Some of the area’s most popular spots are Four Cuts, Club A, and 212 Steakhouse. Ranging from ethnic, to good home American Bistros, there are too many great spots to count.

Sutton is the Place to Be.

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