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Emilia Pittelli • Go With Your Gut

April 20, 2018

“I think it’s important to be open-minded about certain things,” says Bold agent Emilia Pittelli, in regards to your search for a New York home, “but ultimately, go with your gut. If your gut is telling you to make a decision, you should make it and not be afraid.”

Emilia is hard at work introducing clients to the increasingly amazing real estate selection that makes up the New York market. Besides “gut,” the key word here is “showing.” That means you must always make a physical effort to see the actual property, rather than being immediately influenced by online photos, no matter how cool.

“It’s important to go out and see properties and be honest about what you are liking and what you are not liking,” Emilia says. “Trust that your agent is going to find something for you that will meet that sweet spot, but don’t necessarily get caught up on, say, the floorplan, or the pictures that you see online. Because you might go into the space and it might feel completely different. So I think actually going out and seeing stuff is really important.”

The digital age makes it easy to see a property virtually, but Emilia suggests that weighing your decision should still be old-school, in the physical world. In fact, you may not get that “yes” feeling until you are actually standing in the middle of what could be your next home.

“People get so caught up in the pictures,” she says. “I think it’s important to go out as much as possible. Don’t be close minded. Be honest with yourself if you are surprised that you like something. Go with that feeling.”

New York makes it easy — even fun — to go shopping for a home. At least you won’t be alone.

“You have over 8 million people who are always looking for a place to live,” Emilia says. “Every neighborhood is its own little village. I find the areas and the neighborhoods that my clients like. I also discover new places that I didn’t know much about, but my clients want to be there. As much of an expert I can be in a certain area, I ultimately go where my clients want to go. So I’m always learning about new places.”

The Albany, NY-native moved to the city in 2012, right after graduating Hofstra University with a marketing degree. She worked at first in advertising, and loved the process of pitching and selling clients. That helped her make the transition to real estate. Now she’s living the dream as well as selling it.

“I live in the financial district, which is going through a renaissance,” she says. “They’re converting a lot of old buildings into residential, and it’s close to the water, which is really nice. It doesn’t feel like you are super inland. We are on an island, but it doesn’t feel like you are, a lot of times.”

The most challenging part of the job: convincing Millennials that now is the time to buy.

“My generation is very intimidated by a down payment,” she says. “We’ve paid a lot more for college tuition, so there is a lot more debt, and you have to figure out how you are going to do it all. It’s achievable, though — it just is prioritizing and then budgeting. Once you explain to them what they are paying in rent and how much they would pay on a mortgage — when you break it down for them — I think it’s reasonable that someone who is renting would be able to buy in two years. Most people my age will not have a downpayment ready to go, but it’s about planting a seed. You have to set the goal of buying in two years and stay to that goal. And then I think it’s achievable.”

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