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Debuting Bold New York’s Exclusive Property Collection: Borough Rentals

August 24, 2017

Spanning two boroughs, and 11 vibrant neighborhoods, Borough Rentals boasts 16 true-to-you properties that will enrich the life you’ve imagined for yourself. Whether you thrive off of a jolting, hustle bustle neighborhood, or desire a quaint quiet feel, the span of properties across, Brooklyn and Queens, are all diverse and dynamic. This one-of-a-kind property collection offers offers unique spaces, which suit every individual’s needs. From location to personality, Borough Rentals lets you choose the way you want to live.
Starting in the ultra popular neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, sits three fantastic properties: 442 Lorimer Street, 181 Havemeyer, and 164 Havemeyer. Each building boasts an eclectic feel, within an innovative neighborhood. Just next to Williamsburg, in Greenpoint, is a pair of properties from the collection. Perched on 141 Meserole Avenue and 132 Norman Avenue, the structures offer a limitless number of neighborhood experiences. This buzzing section of the borough, has a “hipster” vibe, and is known to attract everyone from locals to tourists for its great boutiques, restaurants, and scenery.
Crown Heights
Shifting to another nearby Brooklyn niche, in Crown Heights, is 788 Classon Avenue. The property is surrounded by cultural neighborhood escapes. The building’s convenience is superb, just nearby the 2, 3, 5 and S Subway lines; you’ll have the city at your fingertips.
Just a speedy subway ride away from Crown Heights, in Carroll Gardens, sits a trio: 196 Sackett Street, 32 Garnet Street and 103 Third Place. Filled with old, mystique, quintessential brownstones, Carrol Gardens reigns as a Brooklyn favorite. You’ll fall in love with the Gardens neighborhood. Locals enjoy walking the tree-trimmed sidewalks, filled with hip bars, boutiques, and eateries.
The last of the collection, within Brooklyn, comes from 4 other sections of this borough. Down in Marine Park is 1865 Burnett Street. Marine is known for its quaint, suburban feel, even though it is conveniently located by hustle-bustle “hoods”. Over on 461 Delkab Avenue is a fantastic Bedford-Stuyvesant property. Situated in the Northern portion of Brooklyn, it is perfect for the individual who enjoys a neighborhood that is consistently reinventing itself.

If you enjoy a cozy delight, moving to 566-568 Baltic Street, in Boreum Hill, is a great escape from the rough city environment. Locals enjoy the close proximity to an entertainment delight: the Barclays Center. Boreum boasts a comfortable and trendy vibe having brick and brownstone properties fill its streets.
The final stop, on the Brooklyn tour, ends in Prospect Heights. This section of the borough is known for its cultural diversity as the neighborhood is famously known for both the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Brooklyn Museum. 315-323 Lincoln Place is where you’ll be able reside, if you’re a fan of this unique section of Brooklyn.

Just over in Queens, the portfolio of Borough Rentals continues. Three fantastic properties, sit in Long Island City, Astoria, and Woodside. Long Island City is known for it’s superb convenience to Manhattan and its great water views. At 5-16 47th Road, in Long Island City, you’ll be a quick stroll away from the City’s most superb scenery of the east river. In Woodside sits 32-38 48th Street. Locals know the area has held its original identity, regardless of perpetual changes.
The closing property, among the Queens section, is in Astoria at 36-05 Vernon Boulevard. Astoria comforts its residents by having an inclusive, culturally diverse community; it is even home to “Little Egypt”.
The Borough Portfolio covers an amazing range of properties, throughout 2 New York Boroughs. Whether you are married, single, growing a family, or an elder, there is something to suit everyone’s needs. Check out borough rentals today, for an in depth look at what the collection offers.

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